Mike Thurnell


A little bit about me...

Radio broadcaster, consultant, writer, & music lover

I am passionate about many things in life but in particular music, radio and history.

I'm learning more about myself all the time and some of my journey shows up on these pages.

You can hear my show "Songs from A Quiet Place" on Sunday's.  For more information check on the Quiet Place  tab above.

I built this site to share a bit about me and some of my projects that I plan to launch over the next little while. Enjoy your stay and don't forget you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and through  e-mail.

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Your e-mails are also welcome at  mikethurnell@hotmail.com
My autobiography is now available. It's the story of my early life, my love for music and how I started my career in radio.  If you are interested please e-mail me at mikethurnell@hotmail.com
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