While we might think of Silent Night on a peaceful Christmas Eve after much of the rush is done, for me the Quiet reflective time comes a few days before.

When I was a college professor I would often have to stay after the students had gone for the semester because of obligations I had to the college radio station, CJIQ.  This meant that I would often be one of only a few people in the big building that is the Main Campus of Conestoga College. 

I can't express to you what a lonely experience that is.  Knowing that outside the walls, almost everyone had left to get ready for the big day.  I found this a very reflective time where I would sometimes wonder the classrooms and labs where I had only a few days before taught.

I'd think about my students and hope that they were off celebrating and taking some much needed "downtime" that we all needed.  

It may sound strange that I say this was a sad time but in some ways I find the peace both sad but comforting too.  Some much needed peace in what was usually a very busy time period.

My wish for you is that you find some of that Quiet time during the holidays, before during or afterwards. Enjoy your Silent Night.