Sometime ago on Facebook there was a trend to post a list of things that your Facebook friends might not know about you. I did that but decided it's time for an update.

So here goes - enjoy!

1.  I've been in radio since I was 16.
2.  I wrote a classical music piece when I was 17.
3.  I am an avid writer.  I've written a number of short stories and I have been working on a novel.
4.  I have had several paranormal experiences.
5.  I'm very intuitive.  I sense things and I read people very well.
6.  I learned how to play guitar, bass and sax when I was a kid.  I am "relearning" how to play bass and guitar.
7.  I am much smarter than most people give me credit for.
8.  My musical tastes range from Heavy Metal to New Age and Celtic.  In fact my music library is VERY diverse. There isn't much music that I don't appreciate.
9. I am a huge wresting fan and have been most of my life.
10. Although I'm not that religious, I'm very spiritual.

Thanks for reading.